Frequently Asked Questions

Camp FAQ’s

Mission Creek Camp’s overnight camps are a time filled with moments of pride, fun, friendship, and self-confidence.  Parents tell us their kids gain independence; campers tell us they have a blast! At Mission Creek Camp we know that both of these are true and along the way, we create amazing memories that will last your child a lifetime! We also accept kids with ALL abilities including disabilities, who are welcome. We will make the proper accommodations for everyone that we can. Currently it is difficult to have mobility deficient abilities as we have not had the camp long enough to make those changes for wheel chairs.  These frequently asked questions are designed to answer the questions we most commonly receive from parents. We also encourage you to check out our materials provided at registration for additional information and we are always available via email or phone to answer any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 785-256-6357 if you would like to talk with one of our staff or would like to arrange for a tour.

Can we visit camp before signing up?

Yes, you can call ahead and set up an appointment to tour the camp. Please feel free to call our office and set up a private tour with one of our camp staff any day of the week.

Where is Mission Creek Camp located?

We are located on 7240 SW Douglas Road a few minutes from Topeka, Kansas and about 10 minutes from I-70 West of Topeka.

How do I contact camp in the summer?

You can reach us by phone 24/7 during summer camp at 785-256-6357 or by email at

How do I stay in touch with my child while they are at camp?

We encourage letters from you as the best way of communicating with your camper. Positive, supportive letters let your camper hear from you in a constructive way. You may want to send a letter a few days prior to the session to ensure that it is received while your camper is at camp.

Can I send a care package?

Although all campers enjoy receiving packages from home, we discourage care packages containing food items as some campers have allergies to certain ingredients and food can attract unwanted insects and animals to the cabins. Any food in packages will be taken away and returned on the closing day of that session. You can also purchase items from the Trading Post and we will deliver them to your child’s cabin with a personalized note.

How does my child stay in touch with me?

Campers are encouraged to reply by writing letters. We suggest that campers bring paper and pre‐ addressed stamped envelopes. With this understanding, we ask that parents work with us in ensuring that campers do not bring cell phones to camp. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in helping us enforce this policy. Possession of a cell phone will lead to automatic dismissal from camp!

Can I visit my child while they are at camp?

Parents are welcome to visit when dropping off or picking up their camper on opening and closing days of each session or trip. For security reasons, all parents must be accompanied by a camp staff member if walking around camp outside of the check in and check out times.

What is security like at camp?

Security is extremely important at camp. Our staff are in constant contact with one another, and with the camp office, via hand-held radio. All visitors must stop by our office and be checked in, anyone visiting camp during the summer also must go through a security check and are given an identifying bracelet. Visitors must also be accompanied by camp staff at all times.  Any person not cleared to be at camp are immediately identified, approached, and asked to leave camp.

Why are there different rates for camp?

Realizing that families have differing abilities to pay, Mission Creek Camp has instituted a sliding scale pricing program for our Summer Resident Camp to accommodate all financial needs. The highest pricing structure most accurately accounts for the true cost of operating camp including food, staff salaries, supplies, wear and tear on equipment, transportation, and depreciation. The middle cost is a partially subsidized rate for those who cannot afford to pay the full costs associated with attending camp. The scholarships are based on the family annual income. You will be asked to provide backup for the income claimed for the camp pricing. Please see the registration process to see the various scholarships available for your family.  All children have the same experience no matter what scholarship level the family uses for the camp. All scholarship information selected by a family will be kept confidential.

Is Financial Assistance available for camp?

Yes Financial Assistance is available. Each year we provide a sliding scale that matches your family annual income.  Mission Creek Camp reserves the right to ask for or respond to information about your annual income in order to offer this program.

Mission Creek offers a sliding fee scaled based on family income with a valid proof of income.

Income Discount Your Price
$0- $25,000 45% $492.50
$25,000-$35,000 35% $568.75
$35,000-$55,000 15% $634.75
$55,000 +   $875.00


How do I know that my child will be safe at camp?

Safety is always our top priority at camp.  Mission Creek Camp is dedicated to a safe operation and safety for our campers. We strive to meet or exceed all standards of health safety, and program excellence. Our staff goes through a minimum of one week of staff training and are certified in First Aid and CPR, our waterfront staff are also Red Cross and CPR certified.

Do the staff members have background checks?

All staff members complete a rigorous application process that includes reference checks, FBI background checks, and a personal interview.   Then they participate in extensive training that covers the camp mission, youth development, safety/emergency procedures, activity leadership, behavior management, and child abuse prevention.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio? How old are the staff members?

Our camper to staff ratio is 1:3 for our younger campers and 1:5 for our older campers. All of our counselors must be over 18 years of age and those working with our campers 14 and older are over 20 years of age. All staff are subjected to a full background check in order to work at the camp. Training for all of the staff is required with at least 30 hours of training.

What is healthcare like at camp?

We have an RN on duty at camp every session, on site at all times. Our nurse distributes all medication to campers (over-the-counter or prescription), care for illness and respond to any emergency situations. In addition, our staff is trained in First Aid and CPR . The closest hospital to camp is less than 15 minutes away as is our camp doctor. Each camper will have an interview with the nurse to be sure we have all the information about the camper and the medical attention that they need. We also have a Physician on call for the camp if needed.

What if my child gets sick?

While many times campers come to our infirmary feeling ill because they are overtired or a little homesick, some campers do have an illness that must be cared for.  Our nursing staff will treat their symptoms and call you only if your camper spends the night in the infirmary, visits repeatedly with the same medical concern, must visit our local doctor or hospital or if the nurse has a question about your camper’s medical form.

How recent should my child’s physical form be?

All campers must have had a physical exam by a licensed provider WITHIN 2 YEARS of their last day of camp.

What if my camper gets homesick?

It’s perfectly normal for a camper to miss home and this can be an important part of their camp experience as they develop a sense of independence and self-esteem.  Luckily, Camp is a safe place for campers to have a mix of these emotions and our counseling staff (many of whom were once homesick campers themselves), are highly trained in working with your child and keeping you informed on their well-being.

My child’s birthday is while they are at camp, do you do anything special?

We love to celebrate birthdays, we even have a special chair and song during our daily dinner activities! If your child has a birthday while they are at camp, please feel free to send a special card. We will provide the fun and a special treat for your campers birthday!!

Where do the campers sleep at camp? What are the cabins like?

Our cabins were designed to be summer cabins and as such have a latrine. Showers and additional bathrooms are available in the Pine Haven Lodge as well as the Sprinkler Park Changing area. All of our cabins have electricity and fans, sturdy bunk beds and communal areas.  Campers stay in age/gender appropriate cabins under the continuous care and supervision of qualified counselors.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Camp is all about having fun outdoors. As such, we strongly recommend that you do not pack clothing items that you would mind if they got dirty or stained. The packing list is to help in your preparation. The best way to transport all necessary clothing and gear is in a footlocker (or plastic storage bin), no higher than 14”. Footlockers can easily slide under your child’s lower bunk. A list of contents should be fastened to the inside lid and the camper’s name should be clearly marked on the outside. Please do not forget bedding, including sheets, pillow, blankets and a sleeping bag for overnights. Please mark all clothing and equipment with your camper’s name. This will help us return lost items.

Does camp do laundry?

We do not provide regular laundry service for campers. We do provide laundry service for special circumstances (bedwetting, etc.). Mission Creek Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

What do campers eat at camp? What if my child has food allergies?

Our dining hall provides three well-balanced meals each day at camp. Each meal includes several options aside from the main course, with nutritious, fresh food being a focus. Camp can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions. Please contact our Director of Facilities and Dining with any questions or concerns you may have.

What kinds of activities are offered at camp?

Campers have the opportunity participate in various activities each week by working with their counselor and attending the specified activities. The activities at our summer camp programs focus on developing social skills, team-work, self-esteem and an appreciation for the environment, all with a healthy dose of fun!

Horseback Riding


Arts & Crafts

Sprinkler Park



Fort Knox Playground