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How to Register

In order to register for a week-long summer camp at Mission Creek, you first need to create a FREE account in our online registrar. If the camper is a minor,  a parent/guardian must create the account under their name. The camper’s information can be added in the next step.

By creating an account, this site allows you to check pricing (based on our sliding scale), adjust your camper information, and stay informed on camp details.

Step by Step

  1. In order to create an account, you must first select the week of camp you are interested in enrolling in. Select the week from the drop down menu. Note: if a week does not appear in the registrar, that is because enrollment is full for that week of the summer.
  2. You can now select to create an account. If the camper is a minor, a parent/guardian must create the account under their name. The camper’s information can be added later.
  3. Mission Creek Camp offers camp costs on a sliding scale to better serve all individuals. It’s important to select your correct income range, you may be asked to provide supporting documents.
  4. Select New Participant to enter your camper’s information. If you are signing yourself up for camp, select your name under Enter Participant.
  5. The next step is completing your camper’s profile. The camper’s profile serves as an application and contains Emergency Medical Treatment Information, a Waiver & Release Form, and a Photo & Name Release Form. Each Participant must have the application completed to be enrolled for camp.
  6. If you camper has a disability, select yes and download the Physician’s Statement. The Physician’s Statement is to be completed and dated by the participant’s doctor before the application will be accepted. A Seizure Disorder Form needs to filled out by the participant’s doctor if the participant is seizure prone.
  7. Complete Application and select ‘Add to Cart’
  8. At this point, you may ‘Register Another Participant’ or ‘Checkout.’
  9. Please note: You have not registered for camp yet, you must check out.
  10.  Read and sign the Release Waiver and Proceed to payment.
  11. Please double check your cart total. This is the amount you will be paying for camp. You may receive discounts based on the financial information you entered in the application or based on a special promotion we are running.
  12. Once that is complete, you will receive confirmation of your payment and enrollment, and you are all set for the next adventure!

If you experience difficulty creating your account, please the camp office phone number: 785-256-6357 or check out our page on frequently asked questions.

What will it cost you to go to camp?
Income Discount Your Price
$0- $25,000 45% $492.50
$25,000-$35,000 35% $568.75
$35,000-$55,000 15% $634.75
$55,000 + $875.00