Our Story

Our Mission

The mission of Mission Creek Camp is to provide a camping & equine program designed for individuals with a wide range of physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities who could benefit from a camp experience.

Our staff incorporates mentoring to provide the program with a safe environment and atmosphere. The trained staff and a variety of activities allows each camper to feel a sense of self-worth and hope.

Our Goal

Our goal at Mission Creek Camp is to provide a wonderful camp experience to each individual. The programs at the camp allow everyone to participate, regardless of their limitations.  We strive to reach each person on their level and give them the opportunity to form lasting friendships, make great memories, and open their eyes to new possibilities. A safe and peaceful environment can provide a foundation in which individuals can find healing in the circle of unconditional love and acceptance we offer.

Our goal is to provide a camping experience for those who may have had limited  access to summer camp before now.

KenCamp Director